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Anoushka Loftus

“Its such an important part of working out and evolving and bettering ourselves and its not just about the physical or the mental or the spiritual or the emotional but its the fusion off all.

Your evolution starts here

We are a luxury holistic health service for women, providing personalised nutrition & lifestyle programs, personal training sessions and programs as well as meditation and breath work sessions.

We are here to support you if you struggle with:

• Constant weight fluctuations

• Getting leaner and fitter

• An unhealthy lifestyle

• Health problems

• Stress

• Sleep issues

• Finding time to take care of yourself

• Lack of personal confidence and motivation

• Uncertainty on how to optimise your lifestyle

• Feeling happy and joyful

What you will get:

• The chance to build your dream body for life

• Learning to eat in alignment with your unique body

• The chance to optimise your health

• Stress reduction

• Better sleep

• Improvement in confidence & self-esteem

• Improved relationships

• Improved productivity

• An improvement in energy levels and motivation

• Greater feelings of peace and joy

What is The Rise Room?

The Rise Room is an elite wellness service for women providing around the clock assistance for your mind, body and health.

Our empowering personalised in person training, nutrition and meditation sessions focus on optimising your mind, body and lifestyle.

We also provide bespoke training, nutrition and lifestyle programs
via our app.

What can you get?

Your program will be personalised to fit your goals and schedule. Our offers include:

• One to one training sessions and/or online training plan via our app

• Naturopathic nutrition consultation and follow-up sessions with a personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan via our app

• Learn how to meditate for life

• Breathwork & sound healing sessions

• Functional medicine testing

• Body composition testing

• Home visit or zoom call to check the health of your home with a bespoke home environment plan via our app

• Post workout shakes

• Discounts with awesome brands and locations around London

• 24/7 contact with us

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Aimée Buchler

Founder, expert trainer, naturopathic nutritionist, breath-work and meditation teacher & world champion bikini bodybuilder (and animal lover!).

Aimée has worked as health optimisation coach for London’s most elite CEO’s and royalty for over 8 years. Aimée’s focus is working with women in a holistic and personalised way by educating her clients on the language of movement and body sculpting, on understanding and enjoying the depths of nutrition and biohacking, in helping them become aware of lifestyle choices and habits as well as helping them to reduce stress and connect to themselves and others in a deeper and more impactful way.

Nevita Tulsiani

Vedic sound healer

Nevita Tulsiani is a philosophy teacher, mentor for the youth, singer, songwriter and Vedic voice healer. Nevita did her Bachelor of Arts in Music in South Africa and then went on to study Vedic philosophy in India for three years.

Currently living in London, Nevita is now sharing her musical gift with the world through sessions that incorporate the shruti, healing vocal tones and devotional music that carry the great philosophical truths of ancient India.


Nevita Tulsiani

Not only is my body healthier but my mind is too. Aimee and Jordan really helped calm my mind with various breathing techniques and meditation. Having suffered from thyroid cancer in the past two years, the Rise Room has really helped me with my healing process.

Natasha Gertler

Co founder of Visualogical

“Ultimately, Aimée is a healer. Whether it be through physical, spiritual, emotional or nutritional guidance, she will listen and tailor a programme and session just for you that focuses on your specific area in need. With zero judgement and full compassion, she will inspire and help you reach your best self. Aimée has genuine love, care and so much knowledge for her work – she has completely transformed the way I look, feel and think about health and has been instrumental in my spiritual and mental development. Thank you Rise Room!”

Isabella Townsley

“The Rise Room has been in integral part of my recovery from drugs and an unhealthy lifestyle. Aimée’s infectious energy and extreme dedication to what she does has allowed me to enjoy so many more aspects of life. I have become more confident in my skin, truly enjoy food, care for myself and have become more spiritually conscious in terms of being more at peace with myself and trusting my intuition. I could not be more grateful to The Rise Room team for helping me achieve this.”

Caroline Runge

Senior accountant and tax consultant

“I am usually quite grounded and without wishing to go over the top, may I say my sessions at The Rise Room with Aimee have been empowering and given me a new lease of life. Aimée’s attention to detail and form when carrying out my exercises while intensive, has been hugely rewarding. She coached me on nutrition in a way that I had never experienced before, focusing on nutrition for fitness as well as health and got me results incredibly fast. She helped me greatly reduce my stress levels and experience a deeper connection with myself via breath-work practices. I have been coached by many individuals for most of my life but such propensity and drive I have not seen before – Ultimately, it was not so much what the team said or did during my sessions that mattered but how they made me feel – thank you.”

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Our founder, Aimée is offering just 5 complimentary sessions for the first 5 to book. Click the link below!

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