Breathing, moving, listening, laughing, healing, connecting. We do it all. We started The Rise Room experiences to create a space for people like you. Men and women looking to heal, evolve and meet like-minded individuals. Our mission is to build a community of strong, joyful people. What's more, to provide them with the transformational experiences they need. We want to help people feel and live better.

An evolved mind, body, and spirit helps us step out into the world and make a vastly bigger positive dent. Our minds are clearer. Our bodies are more resilient. Our hearts are more peaceful. Watch out world.

Upcoming events in 2023…

Transform & Elevate Through Breath & Sound: February 26th: SOLD OUT

A Sacred Ceremony weaving Cacao, Breath & Sound: March 18th: SOLD OUT

Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind Through Breath & Sound: April 29th: TICKETS HERE

A very special Cacao Ceremony with The Indigenous Mayan Tribe of Guatemala: May 13th: Tickets out soon


Transformational Breathwork

The feelings we ignore lodge in the body as tension. Our unexpressed emotions become pain. Every self-defeating thought we have registers, and builds. It all manifests as stress, anxiety, and if we're not careful, disease.

Transformational breathwork journeys are not for the faint-hearted. They are an intense 90 minutes. Here, we go deep into healing and work on rewiring subconscious programming. Why? Because, as Heidi Grant tells us, if the conscious mind can contain enough information to fit on a post it note, the subconscious can hold as much as a NASA Supercomputer. The subconscious runs our lives, and if we’re not careful, we can program it to be a disservice to us. We breathe to release trauma and trapped emotions, so we can bring more freedom, peace, and joy into our lives.


"I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the transformative experience I had with The Rise Room. It had been a while since I allowed myself to truly delve into my own healing journey, especially during a challenging phase of my life. However, after attending their sessions, I was amazed at how quickly I realized that I had the power to break free from the negative patterns that were holding me back. The team at The Rise Room is truly remarkable and I cannot thank them enough for guiding me towards a more fulfilling and positive life."


“I have done breathwork many times before, but never like this. This was my first time experiencing true emotional release. I have been troubled with insomnia and feelings of resentment for many years and nothing seemed to help. Thanks to Aimée’s guidance and support, I was finally able let go of these stored emotions. I cried, I laughed and I felt the lightest I have felt in such a long time. To top it off, I slept a full 8 hours that night and have continued to sleep well ever since. I cannot thank The Rise Room enough.”

Move. Eat. Connect

This is one of our most popular experiences. A wholesome treat encompassing 3 key aspects of wellbeing. These are movement, nutrition, and breathwork. We cover it all in 90 minutes. We connect to the mind through nutritional education. We connect to the body through movement. We connect to the heart through breathwork.


“Thank you Aimée & The Rise Room team for hosting this wonderful event. I did not expect to learn such mind blowing and valuable information about how to train and eat around my cycle and I certainly did not expect to have such a deep emotional release during breathwork. I feel like I am ready to take more steps towards a greater version of myself”

Cacao, Breathwork & Sound Ceremonies

This experience is a unique one, and you'll be amongst it all. First, there are the students of central American Mayan lineage. (Who are the original finders and keepers of Cacao.) Then, there are the incredible musicians and breathwork facilitators.

Chocolate, in a ceremonial setting? surely not? Definitely. Cacao is a sacred medicine of the heart. Ancient Mayan traditions and other indigenous cultures have used it for centuries. It deepens the connection with our spirit and opens our hearts. What's more, it brings with it a raft of positive side effects. It opens the door to emotions and creativity, leading to ecstatic states of bliss and joy.

It's community medicine. A powerhouse we can tap into. For activation, celebration, and connecting with our ancestors. Cue the deep connections and healings. Leaving you feeling invigorated, peaceful, and full of life!


“I am feeling an incredible appreciation to the universe and nature. Incredible prayers, music, breathing, cries, dance and cacao. What an outstanding event. Thank you to The Rise Room for welcoming me and creating such a safe and magical space for us all. When is the next?”

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