Expressive liberation:

A Transformative Journey Through The Voice & Breath



Saturday Nov 18th, 1:30pm - 5pm

Doors open 20 minutes before start time for a prompt start.
OMNOM, Islington Square, 116N Upper St, London N1 1QP
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What is A breath & voice workshop?

At the core of our Breath and Voice Workshop lies the profound understanding that your voice is a manifestation of your true essence. This workshop serves as a portal to rediscover and embrace the unique qualities that make you, you. Your voice isn't merely a set of vocal cords; it's an instrument of authenticity, a bridge between your inner world and the outer reality. Through carefully designed vocal exercises, we'll guide you to unravel the layers that have hidden your most genuine self.In tandem with the power of your voice, we'll delve into the art of conscious breathwork. Our breath carries the wisdom of the body, and in this workshop, you'll explore its potential to release emotions and traumas that may have been buried within. As you engage in powerful breathwork, you'll tap into the body's innate ability to heal and rejuvenate, paving the way for a transformational experience that goes beyond words.

What happens during a Breath & voice Experience?

During this immersive experience, you'll embark on a multifaceted journey that seamlessly weaves together the power of your voice and the potency of your breath. Expect to experience a deeper part of your existence! Guided by expert facilitators, you will:

- Explore Vocal Expression: Engage in vocal exercises that transcend traditional singing or speaking. These exercises will encourage you to explore the full range of your voice, fostering a deeper connection to your emotions and inner landscape as well as connect you to your most authentic self-expression.

- Release Through Breathwork: Dive into the world of breathwork, unlocking emotional blockages and buried tensions. Through carefully crafted breath techniques, you'll create space for healing and renewal, enabling a profound sense of freedom.

- Cultivate Presence and liberation: Immerse yourself in the present moment, transcending worries of the past or future. As you engage in vocal and breath practices, you'll find a state of heightened awareness and peace.

- Create Soundscapes: Participate in sound therapy exercises that invite you to explore the therapeutic nature of sounds. These practices will help you cultivate a deeper understanding of how sound can influence your emotional well-being.

- Embrace Transformation: Witness the transformational power of your voice and breath. Feel the empowerment that arises when you reconnect with your most genuine self.

Who is this for?

Our workshop is tailored for individuals seeking a deeper connection with their inner selves. Whether you're an aspiring artist looking to channel emotions through your craft, a seeker on a path of self-discovery, or someone wishing to connect with their most authentic self or someone desiring a more genuine presence in their interactions, this experience is for you. No prior vocal or breathwork experience is necessary – just an open heart and a willingness to explore.

What can you get out of this?

-Enhanced Self-Expression
- Emotional Liberation
- Expanded Awareness
- Personal Empowerment
- A Deeper Mind and Body Connection
- More Authentic Relationships
- An Expanded Perspective
- Long-lasting Transformation
- Deep feelings of peace, joy and freedom

Recommendations to get the most out of the experience

-- Do not eat for 2h before the session
- Wear comfortable clothing
- Avoid eye makeup in case of tears
- Bring a notebook for integration
- Bring water for after the session
- Avoid stimulants for 24h prior to the event: caffeine, alcohol, drugs
- Be open to a new experience
- Set an intention for the session


You will always be guided by Aimée and The Rise Room team, but on occasion we host very special guests...

Prepare for an unparalleled experience with Anthony Wade, a.k.a. Dr. Voice – a transformative musician, composer, and vocal genius who's set to redefine your perception of sound.

Over four decades ago, driven by a yearning to sing, Anthony Wade embarked on a journey to uncover the techniques behind powerful performances of speakers, pop icons, and soulful crooners. This odyssey led him to master not only the mechanics of the voice but also its profound connection to the human spirit. Having honed his own voice to perfection, he spent the next thirty years empowering others to unleash their vocal potential, earning recognition for his unmatched ability to inspire. A decade as a monk immersed in the breath's magic deepened his expertise. Renowned for shaping Grammy winner Sam Smith's voice and mentoring 'The Voice' victor Jermain Jackman, Anthony's influence spans the globe, from academia to blue-chip boardrooms. His moniker 'Dr. Voice' signifies not only his consultancy for television and radio but also the countless lives transformed through his mastery of the human voice, inviting you to unearth authenticity through the power of sound.

Terms & Conditions

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