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We work closely with you to build whole human strength and resilience. We look to anchor you in your true, best self, releasing any and all damaging baggage. Our mission is to ignite radical liberation and to revitalise your life through transformative healing that unleashes boundless joy and unparalleled freedom. Build emotional, mental and physical strength, optimise your health, reduce stress, and sleep better. What's more, feel more joyful and confident.

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With The Rise Room, it gets personal, and it gets emotional, but in the best possible way. 

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We leave no aspect of your wellbeing untouched. From your physical vitality to mental resilience. We explore your emotional balance, nutritional harmony, spiritual alignment, and so much more.

Our expert guidance empowers you to elevate every facet of your life through transformative practices. Experience holistic wellbeing like never before.


Are you ready for a game-changing 10 weeks? This is an in-depth course which will alchemise your life. We'll teach you how to regain your power, find balance, and awaken your vision. We'll also help you take back control of your emotional state, and rediscover the magic in your life.

Wow, do we cover a lot in ten weeks? We achieve this through a combination of breathwork practices, immersive exercises, and theoretical sessions. You'll delve deep into the art of breathwork where you'll learn to harness its immense potential.


Welcome to our awe-inspiring teacher training programs, where we unlock the secrets to becoming a super healer.

Whether you are a coach, a healer or a practitioner that has just started out in the field, or are more advanced, we’ve got you. Check out our intermediate and advanced teacher training courses.
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Breathing, moving, listening, laughing, healing, connecting. Our meticulous experiences, led by our seasoned practitioners have been embraced from the likes of Soho House to Sweaty Betty.

Step into an experience that does it all, built for people just like you. People looking to heal, evolve and meet like-minded individuals. People looking to create clear minds, resilient bodies, and peaceful hearts. Watch out world.
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Ultimately, Aimée is a healer. Whether it be through physical, nutritional, spiritual or emotional guidance, she will listen and tailor a programme just for you that focuses on your specific areas in need. With zero judgement and full of compassion, she will inspire and help you reach your best self. Aimée has genuine love, care and so much knowledge for her work – she has completely transformed the way I look, feel and think about health and has been instrumental in my spiritual and mental development. Her monthly events with her team have been transformational and it has been incredible to meet other like-minded individuals. Thank you so much Rise Room!
- Natasha Gertler,
Co founder of Visualogical
The Rise Room has been in integral part of my recovery from a downward spiral and an unhealthy lifestyle. Aimée’s infectious energy and extreme dedication to what she does has allowed me to enjoy so many more aspects of life. I have become more confident in my skin and learnt how to move my body without pain and with correct form. I have built up a wonderful relationship with food and learnt to cook delicious nutritious meals. I have created a home and social environment that supports my goals and have really managed to overcome anxiety and stress via daily breathwork practices and through The Rise Room’s monthly events. I could not be more grateful to The Rise Room for helping me achieve these life changing experiences. Thank you
- Isabella Townsley
Co-Founder of Assiez-Toi
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Breathing, moving, listening, laughing, healing, connecting. We do it all. We started The Rise Room experiences to create a space for people like you. Be a part of our epic community below: