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The Rise Room’s mission is to help people heal and evolve through personalised holistic health programs and transformational experiences!

Optimise physical wellbeing
Optimise nutritional wellbeing
Optimise spiritual wellbeing

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We work closely with you to build whole human strength and resilience. We look to anchor you in your true, best self, releasing any and all damaging baggage. Our mission is to help you remain balanced through life's inevitable ups and downs. Build your strength and fitness, optimise your health, reduce stress, and sleep better. What's more, feel more confident.

You’ll receive:


You've got to get moving and keep moving. Here's the brass tax of a long, happy, healthy life - well-circulating blood. (Supplemented by a diet dense in nutrition, and a regular pattern of healthy sleep.) This is something all of science agrees on (and all of science doesn't agree on much). Our Conscious Training sessions will help you build and maintain a healthy body and mind. What's more - spirit. We have muscles for a reason, to use them. The more we move with good technique and conscious breath, the more we connect to the body and reduce the possibility of injury in everyday life. But exercise also rids the body of toxins. As well as flooding it with hormones like Serotonin. (Which is like a long burning log for our feelings of happiness.) Exercise helps us be more resilient in the face of challenges. It also helps us feel greater degrees of control, confidence, and accomplishment.


A calorie is not just a calorie. Food is not just fuel. Food is information to the body. Any five-year-old could tell us 1,000 calories of sugar and 1,000 calories of broccoli are very different. (And have very different effects on our bodies.) But big businesses try to tell us otherwise because they have something to gain if we believe them - our money. Everything we ingest speaks with trillions of cells in our body. It either makes them stronger, or it makes them weaker. You'll learn how to eat uniquely for your unique body. You'll learn how to hack your lifestyle to help you function powerfully, look and feel your best.


Breath is a powerful tool, and proper breathing technique is a game changer. For example, here's something you might not know. Simply prolonging exhalation, regardless of inhalation length, triggers relaxation in the body. Step into The Rise Room, and you'll learn this and so much more. Proper breathing expels stress and tension from the body. It brings you back to the present moment. Through the breath, we can improve our health and our sleep. We can release emotional stagnation. We can even improve our relationships. We teach several techniques depending on your individual needs and dive into many other methods to enhance the mind and spirit.

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We are here to support you if you struggle with:

• Constant weight fluctuations

• Getting leaner and fitter

• An unhealthy lifestyle

• Health problems

• Stress

• Sleep issues

• Finding time to take care of yourself

• Lack of personal confidence and motivation

• Uncertainty on how to optimise your lifestyle

• Trauma and emotional stagnation

What can you achieve
with us?

• Learning to eat in alignment with your unique body

• The creation of a lifestyle that helps you thrive

• Optimised health and energy levels

• Controlled stress & impeccable sleep

• Sensational productivity & discipline

• Powerful confidence & self-esteem

• Flourishing relationships and an incredible intimacy

• Feelings of connectedness to yourself and the world

• Greater feelings of peace and joy

• Greater alignment with your path & purpose

• Increased strength and physical stamina

So, what’s on offer?


Personalised movement & manual therapy programs


Personalised nutrition Plan

Personalised lifestyle improvement: sleep, libido, energy enhancement, supplementation,

Functional medicine testing (if appropriate)


• Personalised mental, emotional & spiritual coaching

• Learning breathwork: Become conscious of your breath, learn how to control your nervous system through the breath, learn how to energise or calm your mind and body in any situation

• Transformational breathwork for emotional healing & trauma release (if appropriate)


• Discounts with awesome brands online and in multiple London locations

• Personal contact with us

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Our founder, Aimée is offering a FREE 30-minute consultation call for those interested in working with us!

Simple Naturopathic Nutrition Plan

The gift that starts it all…
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This plan will help you:

• Optimise your energy
• Improve your weight distribution
• Increase your confidence
• Reduce your inflammation
• Reduce your stress
• Increase your confidence
• Improve your sleep
• Improve your motivation


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