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You won’t beat working directly with the pro. Enter: Aimée Buchler, your visionary health optimisation specialist and spiritual guide. Aimée will work to help you become the most fulfilled, joyful and connected version of you. Aimée's commitment to excellence is unparalleled, as she works closely with only a select few individuals at a time to ensure the highest quality service. Her devotion extends only to those who are truly dedicated to their transformation.

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What do you cover?

Glad you're curious! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey.

We cover pretty much all facets of your being. From the realms of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and astrological, we offer personalised guidance that covers a wide spectrum. Here's a snapshot of only a few of the aspects we delve into:


It's time to get those gears in motion and keep them turning. Here’s the truth about living a long, vibrant life: it all comes down to one vital element—well-circulating blood. Pair it with a nutrient-dense diet, restful sleep patterns, and emotional liberation, and you've got the ultimate recipe for a powerful life. Through conscious movement, deep strengthening, stretching and mindful breathing, we strengthen our bond with the body, reduce the risk of everyday injuries, detoxify the system, and flood it with those feel-good hormones like Serotonin. That's right— this kind of exercise not only grants us resilience, control, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment, but it brings a deep sense of fulfillment.

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Heal Your Body Through Lifestyle Optimisation and True Nourishment

Listen up, because this is not just about ‘calories’. Food is so much more than calories. (Calories are simply a measure of how long a food-stuff will burn in a calorimeter). Food speaks a powerful language to the trillions of cells within your body— whatever you eat, and when you eat, affects your body in a multitude of ways. The net result, though, is it either empowers you, or it weakens you. But it doesn’t stop there. Your sleep patterns, hydration levels, breath, home products, bathing water cleanliness, air quality, cookware choices, sun exposure—every single detail influences your health, gut function, skin, libido, energy, and vitality. Aimée will show you how to harness the power of food to fuel your life and how to optimise your lifestyle in the best way possible. Get ready to unlock your true potential and looking and feeling your absolute best.

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Transform your life through Personal Coaching and Breathwork

Do you crave emotional freedom? Can you envision a life where your current stressors and past traumas no longer hold power over you? Where you have complete control over your life and emotional reactivity? We all have areas where we feel stuck. We all sometimes look for a beacon of hope in the form of objective guidance. Yes, even the greatest teachers have teachers. Aimée will help you dissolve emotional stagnation and heal from past traumas that hinder your journey to living your fullest expression. How? Through the transformative powers of breathwork and personalised coaching sessions.The breath is an awe-inspiring tool, and mastering its potential can be a true game-changer. Here's a little secret: simply prolonging your exhale for as long as you can triggers relaxation throughout the body. We'll empower you with this knowledge and so much more. 

Through personalised coaching and breathwork, you'll explore the vast horizons of your mind, unlock uncharted potential, improve your health and sleep, release emotional stagnation, and cultivate thriving relationships. We’re not here to mess around, and we know you aren’t either. If you're ready to elevate your mind and spirit to the next level, come on in.

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• Optimised health and energy levels
• Controlled stress & impeccable sleep
• Clear skin and enhanced digestive function
• The creation of a lifestyle that you enjoy and thrive with
• Enhancement of or alignment to your path & purpose
• Powerful confidence & self-esteem
• Flourishing relationships and an incredible level of intimacy
• Feelings of connectedness to yourself and the world
• Greater feelings of peace and joy
• Emotional freedom
• Sensational productivity & discipline
• Learning to eat in alignment with your unique body
• Increased strength and physical stamina

What can i Expect?

Let’s talk results

• Digestive issues
• Skin issues
• Stress & anxiety
• Sleep issues
• An unhealthy lifestyle
• Finding time to take care of yourself
• Trauma and emotional stagnation
• Lack of personal confidence
• Constant weight fluctuations
• Getting fitter and stronger
• Low libido
• Physical pain
• Biomechanical imbalances
• Never being able to find a long lasting solution to your problem
• Financial difficulties in business (coaches)
• Getting my business up and running (coaches)
• Wanting to help people more than I am (coaches)

I currently struggle with one or more of the following:

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What we offer

OUR  packages

Just a heads-up: our packages are designed with care to match your bespoke needs, aspirations and schedule.


  • Pre-consultation comprehensive intake and initial consultation
  • Regular weekly/bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Astrology reading
  • Chakra reading
  • Dream work: what do you want to bring to the world?
  • A biomechanics assessment
  • Cutting-edge nutrition optimisation
  • Powerful gut healing protocols and detoxes
  • Sensuality & tantric teachings for an enhanced sex life
  • Understanding the menstrual cycle
  • Enhanced vitality through lifestyle optimisation and routine creation
  • Advanced sleep enhancement techniques
  • Expert manual therapy sessions (if applicable)
  • Creation of a healthy and optimal living environment
  • Dynamic corrective and functional exercise programs
  • Invigorating stretch and zone exercise routines
  • Cold immersion training
  • Breathwork and meditation for nervous system regulation
  • Specialised breathwork for trauma release and healing
  • Finding your archetypes
  • Masculine & Feminine dynamics
  • Access exclusive practitioner discounts on supplements and tests (if applicable)
  • Full analysis of tests (if applicable)
  • Discounts from our esteemed wellness partners
  • Discounted rates on all monthly experiences
  • Experience unwavering support and accountability on your health journey
  • Access to The Rise Room’s community group

6 months minimum commitment
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Alchemy Basic

Start your holistic journey with Alchemy Basic:
12 sessions for a solid foundation.
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Alchemy Premium

Elevate your well-being with Alchemy Premium:
18 sessions for a powerful transformation.
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Alchemy Platinum

Experience the pinnacle of holistic health with Alchemy Platinum:
24 sessions for ultimate rejuvenation
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  • Breathwork for nervous system regulation
  • Transformational breathwork for healing trauma
  • Stress relief techniques
  • Coaching sessions
  • Reframing the mind
  • Inner child healing
  • Mother/ father dynamics
  • Cold immersion training
  • Understanding the power of gratitude

    6 month programme
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    Transform Premium

    Elevate your life with our premium breathwork package, where every breath is a step closer to your extraordinary self.
    12 sessions
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    Transform Platinum

    Deeply Immerse yourself in the world of breathwork with exclusive coaching, paving the way to deep transformation.
    18 sessions
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    How does the process work?

    Whether you know what package you wish to go for, or whether you simply want to enquire further, book a complimentary call with Aimée below. Aimée will be able to answer any questions you may have, help you purchase your package as well as provide you with invaluable clarity regarding your unique situation, paving the way for your remarkable journey of personal evolution.

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    Ultimately, Aimée is a healer. Whether it be through physical, nutritional, spiritual or emotional guidance, she will listen and tailor a programme just for you that focuses on your specific areas in need. With zero judgement and full of compassion, she will inspire and help you reach your best self. Aimée has genuine love, care and so much knowledge for her work – she has completely transformed the way I look, feel and think about health and has been instrumental in my spiritual and mental development. Her monthly events with her team have been transformational and it has been incredible to meet other like-minded individuals. Thank you so much Rise Room!
    - Natasha Gertler,
    Co founder of Visualogical
    The Rise Room has been in integral part of my recovery from a downward spiral and an unhealthy lifestyle. Aimée’s infectious energy and extreme dedication to what she does has allowed me to enjoy so many more aspects of life. I have become more confident in my skin and learnt how to move my body without pain and with correct form. I have built up a wonderful relationship with food and learnt to cook delicious nutritious meals. I have created a home and social environment that supports my goals and have really managed to overcome anxiety and stress via daily breathwork practices and through The Rise Room’s monthly events. I could not be more grateful to The Rise Room for helping me achieve these life changing experiences. Thank you
    - Isabella Townsley
    Co-Founder of Assiez-Toi


    Breathing, moving, listening, laughing, healing, connecting. We do it all. We started The Rise Room experiences to create a space for people like you. Be a part of our epic community below: