Heartbeat Rhythms:

A Cacao & Ecstatic Dance Experience




Sunday August 27th, 2:30-6:30pm

Doors open 20 minutes before start time for a prompt start.
OMNOM, Islington Square, 116N Upper St, London N1 1QP
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What is a Cacao & Ecstatic Dance Experience?

Chocolate in a ceremonial setting… surely not? Definitely. A cacao ceremony is a ceremonial gathering centred around the sacred plant medicine of cacao, known for its heart-opening and consciousness-expanding properties. The roots of cacao ceremonies can be traced back to the ancient Mayan civilisation, where cacao was considered a powerful plant ally and used as a community medicine to open up the heart. In a cacao ceremony, participants come together in a sacred space to connect with the spirit of cacao and engage in a guided ceremony facilitated by trained practitioners.

Cacao ceremonies are an opportunity for self-reflection, healing, and transformation. They provide a space for individuals to reconnect with their inner selves, explore their emotions, and gain clarity and insights. The presence of the group amplifies the collective energy, fostering a sense of unity and support.

During the profound experience of the cacao ceremony, we vamp up the energy with breathwork and ecstatic dance, an enchanting and liberating experience that ignites the spirit and sets the body free! As the rhythmic beats fill the air, you are invited to release all inhibitions and surrender to the pure ecstasy of movement. Free movement and incredible beats guided by our sensational percussionists and musicians, becomes a portal to liberation, freedom, and unbridled expression. With each step, twirl, and leap, you break free from the shackles of self-judgment and societal expectations, allowing your true essence to radiate with radiant abandon.

What happens during a Cacao & Ecstatic Dance Experience?

The ceremony typically begins with an opening circle, where participants set intentions for the experience. Guided meditations, breathwork, chanting, music and sound healing are powerful aspects of the journey. The cacao elixir is consumed mindfully, allowing its energetic and physical effects to unfold. As the ceremony progresses, participants may experience a range of sensations, emotions, and insights. The heart-opening qualities of cacao can facilitate a sense of deep connection, emotional release, ecstatic states of joy and a heightened state of awareness.

The ceremony is accompanied by ecstatic dance led by sensational musicians and facilitators. The ecstatic dance experience liberates you from the limitations of the mind. In this transformative space, judgment dissolves, giving way to a profound sense of freedom and connection. The dance becomes a language of the soul, allowing emotions to find release and tangible joy to emerge. As participants join together in movement, a powerful collective energy ignites. This incredibly enjoyable experience unleashes your playful side, inviting you to express yourself fully and embrace the exhilaration of uninhibited movement.

Who is this for?

This experience is for you if you are looking to move into deeper communion with your heart, your intuition and explore the depths of your being. If you crave a profound sense of freedom and joy and wish to connect with like-minded individuals, this experience is for you. The ceremony embraces inclusivity, welcoming everyone regardless of religious beliefs.

What can you get out of this?

- Empowering connection to yourself and purpose
- Profound connection to others and the natural world
- Greater alignment with your authentic self
- Powerful feelings of freedom and joy
- Abundant peace and bliss
- A more open mind & heart Release from fear and control
- Healing and integration
- Expanded awareness
- Deep transformation
- Stress reduction
- Improved health
- Heightened intuition

Recommendations to get the most out of the experience

- Do not eat for 2h before the session
- Wear comfortable flowy clothing, light colours are recommended
- Bring water and a notebook for integration
- Bring instruments to share music or join in on music: rattles, drums, guitars etc.
- Avoid stimulants for 24h before and after the event: caffeine, alcohol, drugs


You will always be guided by Aimée and The Rise Room team but on occasion we host very special guests…

For this experience on August 27th, we are so excited to be collaborating with a very talented musician, Antarma:

Born amidst the vibrant tapestry of London, Antarma's journey is a testament to the fusion of diverse cultures and profound collaborations. Immersed in the ancient Sanskrit mantras of the Sanatan Dharma Indian Tradition, as well as the sacred traditions of the Amazonian, Sufi, and African Brazilian realms, he weaves these influences into the fabric of his being. From street busking, where he effortlessly captivated the masses with a single drum and mesmerizing vocals, to powerful events that merge meditation, chanting, song, and dance into an interactive odyssey, Antarma's presence ignites deep connections and ecstatic joy in those who encounter his essence.His vibrant Djembe Drumming possesses an uncanny ability to stir the collective spirit, uniting diverse crowds in euphoric celebration. Amidst the throng, you will often find him, dancing with uninhibited bliss, drawing everyone into the exhilarating rhythm of life. Antarma brings ancient wisdom into the modern era, making the timeless truths of Sanatan Dharma resonate with the minds and hearts of today.

Terms & Conditions

We do not offer any refunds on event tickets.

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Join The Rise Room's community of like-minded individuals and let's have some fun!

We cannot wait to see you there.
All our love,The Rise Room Team
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