Move & Breathe: A journey Through Breath & Movement



Saturday, May 13 · 1 - 4pm BST
Market Halls Private Room Oxford St,
Floor 1 9 Holles Street London W1G 0BD
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What is a Move & Breathe Experience?

Our Move & Breathe Experience is a powerful fusion of conscious movement and transformational breathwork, designed to reconnect you with your body and unlock emotional stagnation. Through intentional movement and powerful affirmations, you will embark on a journey of empowerment, releasing tension and stagnant energy whilst strengthening the mind & body simultaneously. The session will then smoothly transition into a transformational breathwork journey, where you will be guided by our expert facilitators to breathe deeply and release emotional blockages. This synergistic combination of movement and breathwork serves as a catalyst for profound transformation, empowering you to access greater vitality, release emotional burdens, and embrace a life of healing, well-being, and liberated emotions.

What happens during a Move & Breathe Experience?

During our Move & Breathe Experience, you will embark on a dynamic journey of self-discovery. The session begins with a series of invigorating bodyweight exercises and mindfulness practices, allowing you to develop a conscious connection with your body like never before. Through these exercises, you will learn powerful movement techniques that enhance strength and flexibility as well as program the body using mindfulness techniques. Following the body-centered practices, the experience transitions into a transformative breathwork journey. Guided by our expert facilitators, you will be encouraged to breathe deeply, tapping into the vast potential of your breath to enter altered states of consciousness. Transformational breathwork serves as a gateway to explore deeper layers of your being, facilitating emotional release, heightened awareness, and spiritual connection. The combination of intentional breathwork and conscious movement creates a synergistic effect, amplifying the transformative power of the experience.

Who is this for?

This experience is for you if you are looking to enhance your connection to your body, improve your physical and mental strength and free yourself from trapped emotions, traumas and repetitive patterns. It is also for you if you wish to connect with other like-minded individuals and join our incredible community!

What can you get out of this?

- Empowering connection to your body
- Improved physical and mental strength
- Profound connection to others and the natural world
- Unparalleled emotional freedom
- Greater alignment with your authentic self
- Abundant peace, joy, and bliss
- Release from fear and control
- Healing and integration
- Expanded awareness\
- Deep transformation
- Crystal-clear clarity of mind
- Stress reduction
- Improved health
- Heightened intuition

Recommendations to get the most out of the experience

- Come in comfortable clothing you can move in
- Bring a jumper for extra comfort during breathwork
- Bring some fresh water
- Do not eat for 2h before the experience
- Avoid stimulants for 24h before the event: caffeine, alcohol, drugs

Terms & Conditions

We do not offer any refunds on event tickets.

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Join The Rise Room's community of like-minded individuals and let's have some fun!

We cannot wait to see you there.
All our love,The Rise Room Team
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